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What our customers say about us

Here are the feedbacks of our customers

Photos of our customers' ponds

Here are some photos of our customers' ponds taken from our Facebook group. These photos show mini ponds, small ponds, large ponds, or natural pool. In any case, you can use them as an example to set up a small or large pond by yourself!

You can find many more photos of our customers' ponds in the Facebook group "Piante Acquatiche Vivaio - Customer Support Group"

Here's what Gardenia (Italian magazine) writes about us

Do you want an opinion on the plants to include in your pond?

Follow the instructions on this page

We can help you make your green dream come true

Easy Pond Kit

Do you have a new pond to set up and you don't know which and how many plants to include?

If you are new to the world of aquatic plants and ponds, choose your Easy Pond Kit and start with the easiest plants to grow!


Phyto Biopool Kit

Would you like to set up a natural pool with the most suitable aquatic plants for phyto-purification and with a pleasing end result?

Phyto Biopool Kits contain the three essential types of aquatic plants selected for you in the right quantities according to the surface area of the natural pool!


Pond Consultation

Do you have a very special pond and would you like to get an expert advice on the best arrangement of aquatic plants?

We can offer you a professional solution to optimise the aesthetics and the phyto-purification of your pond.

Would you like to have a pond with a clean and algae-free water?

Find out how to set up your pond with the appropriate aquatic plants in order to create a magnificent and perfectly balanced environment

Access the Video Course and Download the "Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants" (For Free!)


What our customers say about us