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Pond supplies

Here are the pond supplies such as waterproofing liners and accessories for growing your aquatic plants such as baskets and fertilizer!

Among the pond supplies on sale, you can buy baskets for aquatic plants and Osmocote fertilizer by yourself, while to purchase pond liners, contact us via WhatsApp or email!

Through our customer service we can offer you a personalised service and recommend the most suitable and correctly sized liners or other materials for your pond.

If you want to build a pond, I recommend that you first read our guide on how to build a pond.

After completing the excavation of your pond, here you can find a short guide to pond liners, in order to choose the most suitable one for you.

If you don’t know how to pot aquatic plants yet, download the free “Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants” first.

Click on the photos of the categories to access the details of the pond supplies on sale.

With a purchase of at least 100€ you gain access to Aquatic Plants Gold Exclusive and enjoy the following benefits:

  • free shipping (in major European countries, or discounted in other countries);
  • assistance services for 12 months;
  • opportunity to activate the 100% Growth Guarantee (on water lilies, lotus flowers and marsh plants, recommended by us through the Easy Pond Kits or Pond Consultation, or chosen by carefully reading the plant data sheets on the website and planted according to the printed manuals included in the shipment);
  • detailed videos on how to grow aquatic plants;
  • practical printed manuals on how to plant aquatic plants correctly in order to sort all your doubts out.

Do you have questions about order management and shipping?

Discover all the answers to frequently asked questions about plant shipping, order management, and shopping tips.

Would you like to have a pond with a clean and algae-free water?

Find out how to set up your pond with the appropriate aquatic plants in order to create a magnificent and perfectly balanced environment

Access the Video Course and Download the "Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants" (For Free!)


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