Nymphoides peltata (Yellow Floating-Heart)


Nymphoides peltata, or Yellow Floating-Heart, is an aquatic plant that colonises the pond, creating a beautiful patch of small yellow flowers

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Additional information

Main characteristics

Nymphoides peltata is a plant rooted to the bottom, but which generates new seedlings from submerged stolons that can develop by floating on the water for up to several metres


The leaves are rounded and have a diameter of 5 to 8 cm


The flowers have 5 petals and they are of an intense yellow colour and about 5 cm in diameter

Flowering period

Flowering takes place between May and September

Plant uses

It is a very invasive plant suitable for repopulating large natural lakes or for growing in small containers separate from the rest of the pond


The flower buds and stems can be cooked as vegetables. Nymphoides peltata also has various medicinal properties

Planting depth

From -20 cm to -40 cm, then as it grows it can reach greater depths


Full direct sun for at least 6 hours in the middle hours of the day

PH tolerated

Acidic, neutral or basic (alkaline): 6.5 to 8

Frost Resistance

Yes, it withstands very cold temperatures


Native plant of Europe

Shipped plant

Bunch of bare-root plants

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