Nymphaea ‘Alba’ Water Lily


Nymphaea Alba is the autochthonous water lily species, which can also be found in natural lakes

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Additional information


Large, suitable for large natural lakes


Simple white flowers

Flowering period

Flowering takes place between May and September and it is good only if the plant has plenty of room to grow


Rounded green leaves


The rhizomes are edible boiled or roasted. The young leaves, flower buds and flower stems can be eaten raw or cooked

Planting depth

From -50 cm to -1.5 m from the rhizome

Soil to use

Field soil with 3/5 tablets of Osmocote fertilizer near the rhizome


Full direct sun for at least 6 hours in the middle hours of the day

PH tolerated

Water lilies tolerate acidic, neutral or basic (alkaline) pH: 6 to 8

Frost Resistance

Yes, it is a hardy water lily

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