Elodea canadensis (Canadian Pondweed)


Elodea canadensis, or Canadian Pondweed, is a fast-growing submerged oxygenating plant and very effective for counteracting algae in the pond

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Additional information

Main characteristics

Elodea canadensis is a very fast-growing submerged oxygenating plant. It takes root at the bottom, especially in the muddy soil at the bottom of the lake and it can become infesting


Compared to the similar species Egeria densa, Elodea canadensis is much smaller in size and it has 3 small leaves (1 cm long) per internode


In summer, it produces tiny pinkish-white flowers that reach the surface of the water

Plant uses

Elodea canadensis devours large quantities of nitrates and phosphates, and releases oxygen into the water, aiding the process of phyto-purification in ponds

Planting depth

To be placed in the deepest central area of the pond, from -30 to -100 cm of depth

Soil to use

Common field soil, with pebbles or stones on top, to keep the plant anchored at the bottom


Full direct sun for at least 6 hours in the middle hours of the day

PH tolerated

Acidic, neutral or basic (alkaline): 6 to 8.5

Frost Resistance

Yes, it withstands very cold temperatures


Native plant of North America

Shipped plant

Bunch of stems as shown in photo

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