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Orders and payments

You can place an order independently through our online shop.

If you have trouble placing the order through the website, please contact us through our provided contact information. You can make the payment according to the methods outlined below.

On the Frequently Asked Questions page, you can find information on order management and all the other answers to common questions that we recommend you read.



The transaction is safe and secure. No sensitive data is stored by us, but it is managed via the well-known Stripe platform.


IBAN: IT71O0301503200000003683575

Bank transfer to: piante acquatiche di serra davide

Reason: aquatic plants + "name and surname of the person receiving the plants" (e.g. aquatic plants Mario Rossi)

After you have made the payment write to us for confirmation via WhatsApp or email (better with a photo of the receipt so we can correctly associate the payment to your order). In any case, the shipment will be made after the actual crediting of the transfer. Let us know the shipping address specifying the name and surname of the person receiving the shipment, city, postcode, street, house number, any notes for delivery, telephone and email for communications from the courier.


To pay with your Paypal account, ask us via WhatsApp/email for the personalised link with the amount. In this way you may be charged the Paypal processing fee in the case of large amounts.

Assistance Service for 12 months

We are the only nursery that provides you assistance for 12 months free of charge on our plants!

This means that for any doubts you may have about the plants you purchase or about the pond in general, you can contact us via email or WhatsApp and you will receive an answer in no time!

100% Guaranteed Plant Growth

We are the only nursery that guarantees you 100% growth of the delivered plants!
Would you like to have a pond with a clean and algae-free water?

Find out how to set up your pond with the appropriate aquatic plants in order to create a magnificent and perfectly balanced environment

Access the Video Course and Download the "Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants" (For Free!)


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