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Native European aquatic plants

Here is the list of native European aquatic plants, or autochthonous aquatic plants, that can therefore grow spontaneously in our territory.

Autochthonous aquatic plants are those plants that have originated and evolved in the territory in which we are situated. In this website as territory we refer to that of the European continent.

This list of native European aquatic plants includes marsh plants, submerged plants, water lilies, floating plants and moist plants. Excluded from this list are cultivars, i.e. plants created by nurserymen for ornamental purposes.

An autochthonous plant is a species native of a certain place, which has originated, developed and reproduced spontaneously in this place.

In contrast to the autochthonous species we find the allochthonous, or alien, species, i.e. the species that is not native of the area in which it is present and that has been introduced by the human being.

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