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How we ship aquatic plants
across the European Union

Find out in this video how your aquatic plants are packed and shipped, wherever you are located!

Quick and free shipping above 100€ across the European Union.

Payments and plant shipments are made via secure systems and reliable couriers such as DPD and DHL.

Purchase your favourite plants by yourself on the website or contact us via WhatsApp or email.

From a minimum purchase of 100€ of plants you get access to Exclusive Aquatic Plants:

  • Free (or discounted, depending on destination country) shipping;
  • Aquatic plants assistance service for 12 months;
  • Opportunity to activate the 100% Growth Guarantee;
  • Video instructions on how to grow aquatic plants;
  • Printed manuals.

Here are the covers of the printed manuals you will receive for free:

  • Quick Start Guide to Setting Up Your Balanced Pond;
  • Aquatic Plants Quick Start - All the mistakes to avoid;
  • Instructions for the "100% Growth Guarantee".

Assistance Service for 12 months

We are the only nursery that provides you assistance for 12 months free of charge on our plants!

This means that for any doubts you may have about the plants you purchase or about the pond in general, you can contact us via email or WhatsApp and you will receive an answer in no time!

100% Guaranteed Plant Growth

We are the only nursery that guarantees you 100% growth of the delivered plants!

How we ship aquatic plants

Here you can find detailed information on how various types of aquatic plants, such as water lilies, lotus flowers, marsh plants and submerged plants are grown and shipped.

Shipments of water lilies

Water lilies are shipped bare-root and are already vegetative, ready to bloom during the current year. The water lilies are grown by us in large tubs already placed in large lakes at the same depth as you will place them in your pond. In this way the plants you will receive will not be affected because they are taken from an environment similar to the one in which you will place them!

When you receive the water lilies you will have to pot them up as explained in the Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants.

The size of the water lilies obviously varies depending on the season. For example, in March the plants are in the early stages of vegetation, while in summer the plants will be more vigorous, but this does not affect the final result you will have in your pond!

Shipments of lotus flowers

Lotus flowers are shipped in rhizome form (just at the beginning of vegetation) from March to May.

Shipments of marsh plants

Marsh plants are shipped in the manner indicated in the information sheets for each plant. In particular, they are shipped either bare-root, or with a clod of soil, or in a square basket.

As explained in the case of water lilies, we have identified the best possible cultivation and shipping methods to ensure that the plants take root. For example, plants such as Pontederia cordata do not make sense to send them in baskets because they are very vigorous plants and cannot stay more than 3 months in small baskets, so bare-root is the best way so far. On the other hand, plants such as Equisetum palustris cannot be sent bare-root because they are not rhizomatous plants and therefore, must be sent in small baskets, which must obviously be removed when they reach their destination and then the plants must be placed in larger baskets.

Shipments of submerged oxygenating plants

Submerged oxygenating plants are shipped in bunches of about ten stems, or even many more, depending on the size of the plants. Here is an example of a bunch of submerged oxygenating plants (Elodea canadensis).

Payment and shipment management

To place an order and to find out how we handle shipments from payment to delivery to your home in total security, please visit the page: Orders and payments.

Example of water lily rhizome in March ready to be shipped

Example of water lily rhizome in August ready to be shipped

Example of a bunch of submerged plants (Elodea canadensis)

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