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How to avoid green water in the pond

green water in the pond

Green water in the pond is due to single-celled algae, which can occur in a pond where there is a very high organic load, which is normally due to the presence of lots of fish, or even worse due to the presence of turtles, ducks or geese.

Other factors that generate this high organic load are residues of fish food and an abundance of rotten leaves that can be deposited on the bottom.

A co-factor that favours the presence of single-celled algae (in addition to fouling aquatic animals) is the presence of large temperature changes and direct sun exposure of the water surface.

This means, for example, that green water is mainly generated in a pond with many fish, which also has the entire surface free, i.e. no aquatic plants in it.

In a pond many aquatic plants must be planted so that they cover a certain area of the pond or of the pond.

Aquatic plants do an excellent job of phyto-purification, so organic substances and pollutants that could turn the water green (ammonium) are transformed by the phyto-purification process into nitrites and then nitrates. The nitrates in turn are taken up by aquatic plants as a source of nutrients.

This is why, thanks to aquatic plants, a pond becomes a true ecosystem where the water remains naturally clean.

If you want to avoid green water in the pond, you need to find the right aquatic plants for your pond based on your specific context.

It is not enough to just put plants in at random and hope that everything works.

If you want to have a pond with clean water and no algae, and at the same time have a pond with aesthetically pleasing plants, discover our Easy Pond Kits. Our staff will select the most suitable plants for your pond to get you the best results.

Moreover, in this series of 4 free videos about aquatic plants you can find out which are the 3 types of essential plants for a well-balanced pond and how to cultivate them.

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