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Why is my marsh plant turning yellow?

marsh plant turning yellow

If you are wondering why your marsh plant is turning yellow, please mind that, like everything else, leaves are born, live and die. A yellow leaf means that it is at the end of its life and that soon it disappears completely. Marsh plants do not like temperature changes. Often, immediately after the summer heat […]

Why is my marsh plant not growing?

marsh plant growing

If you are wondering why your marsh plant is not growing, I will give you some tips to grow healthy aquatic pond plants. Marsh plants, like all aquatic plants, need a warm climate to vegetate, so if you planted them in early spring or late autumn, you will have to wait until spring to see […]

How to grow marsh plants

how to grow marsh plants marginal pond plants

In this article we take a look at how to grow marsh plants or marginal pond plants and specifically at what depth you should place the marsh plants in the pond. Normally in ponds a deeper area is made in the centre of it and a shallower area near the edges, also because this recalls […]

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