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How to grow lotus flowers

how to grow lotus flowers

In this article we take a look at how to grow lotus flowers in a pond or in a mini pond in the garden or terrace. In water gardens, lotus flowers are plants of great decorative interest, in fact their presence gives an exotic note to the entire body of water. The vegetation of lotus […]

Why is my lotus flower not blooming?

lotus flowers blooming

If you are wondering why your lotus flower is not blooming, I will give you some tips to increase flowering. Lotus flowers are plants that require a very large pot and a well fertilised soil in order to vegetate well and thus to bloom. First of all it must be said that there are differences […]

Can I grow lotus flowers from seed?

grow lotus flowers from seed

Lotus flowers can be reproduced by rhizomes or by seed. If you want to grow lotus flowers from seed, you should take into consideration some important aspects: Not all seeds sprout, You can’t be sure if the plant will grow (from the bud, to get a plant you need the right temperature conditions), You do […]

My lotus flower is weak and yellowing. What can I do?

lotus flower is weak and yellowing

If your lotus flower is weak and yellowing, read this article, because I will give you some useful tips to have healthy lotus flowers. The lotus is a plant that needs a lot of organic matter to live, in fact it requires a heavily fertilization every year. Every year you should add 10 to 15 […]

When to divide and repot lotus flowers?

divide and repot lotus flowers

Unlike water lilies, there is a specific period to divide and repot lotus flowers, or to repot the plants. The period for dividing the rhizomes is only and exclusively the beginning of spring, i.e. between March and May (April is more recommended). Dividing and repotting lotus flowers in autumn or winter is strongly discouraged because […]

My lotus flower is not vegetating. How come?

lotus flowers vegetating

If you are wondering why your lotus flower is not vegetating, I will give you some tips to grow a healthy lotus flower. To start vegetating, the lotus rhizome needs a temperature above 20 degrees during the day, and then the plant starts growing rapidly when the temperature reaches about 25 degrees. So they typically […]

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