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Can I grow lotus flowers from seed?

grow lotus flowers from seed

Lotus flowers can be reproduced by rhizomes or by seed. If you want to grow lotus flowers from seed, you should take into consideration some important aspects:

  • Not all seeds sprout,
  • You can’t be sure if the plant will grow (from the bud, to get a plant you need the right temperature conditions),
  • You do not know whether a large, medium or small lotus will be born,
  • You don’t know what kind of flower it will make (with seeds you get a hybrid plant of unknown colour and flower shape),
  • You don’t know if it will flower the first year,
  • You don’t know if it will flower the second year,
  • You don’t know if it will ever flower.

In practice if you want to grow lotus flowers from seed, you risk taking up a lot of space with a lot of baskets, only to perhaps get one good plant out of 10.

All drawbacks that you do not have when you have a rhizome plant instead.

By planting a lotus rhizome you know that it will flower the first year (as long as you plant it in a suitable basket size according to the size of the lotus). You also know in advance what the shape and colour of the flower will be!

Here you can find all the varieties available for sale in the form of rhizomes. In addition, our nursery guarantees the rooting of the rhizome by means of the “100% rooting guarantee”.

You can find more detailed information on how to grow lotus flowers and obtain a balanced pond in the Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants and in this free Video Course!


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