Water lilies

Water lilies fill your pond with colours thanks to their beautiful flowers. In addition, they are useful for phyto-purification and to counteract algae formation.

These water lilies are hardy, so they are frost-resistant and must remain in the pond from winter to summer and are suitable for any climate, from the sea to the low mountains.

Water lilies are grown in ponds from 30 centimetres to about one meter of depth, depending on the size of the water lilies (small, medium or large).

The space occupied on the surface depends on the size of the water lily and on the planting depth.

For example, a small water lily is suitable for a depth of 30 cm and will occupy an area of 0.5 m2 . A large water lily is suitable for a depth of 80 cm and will occupy an area of 1-1.5 m2.

You can plant water lilies inside micro-perforated baskets, i.e. with small holes of a few millimetres. In this way, the roots of the aquatic plants can go out and absorb nutrients even from the bottom of the pond.

The soil to be used is common field soil. Avoid the use of light soils because otherwise the water would become dirty.

The blooming period for hardy water lilies is roughly from May to October.

The water lily flowers remain open for three days and for each plant several flowers can open at the same time.

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