Phyto Biopool Kit

Do you want to set up a natural pool (or biopool) and you would like to set it up with the appropriate aquatic plants in order to create a magnificent environment and to carry out the phyto-purification of a natural pool in the best possible way?

I have created the Phyto Biopool Kits for you, which contain the three main types of aquatic plants for carrying out phyto-purification, in the right quantities according to the total surface area of the natural pool!

Natural Pool Phyto Biopool Kit

In which natural pools can you use Phyto Biopool Kits?

Phyto Biopool Kits are designed for a separate pool system in which the bathing area and the phyto-purification area are of equal size.

For example, the Phyto Biopool Kit 200 sqm has the optimal amount of plants for a 100 sqm phyto-purification pool.

Of this 100 sqm, 50 sqm are for water lilies and submerged plants, and the other 50 sqm are for marsh plants.

If you would like more information on how to build a natural pool in the best possible way, visit our blog on natural pools!

Where to place the three types of aquatic plants

Water lilies are placed in the deepest area of the phyto-purification pool and with their leaves they shade the surface, reducing algae growth.

Oxygenating submerged plants, being very quick to grow, quickly counteract algae growth.

Marsh plants, which are placed in the shallow area, release oxygen into the water via their roots, which is necessary for a constant phyto-purification of the pond.

How aquatic plants for your natural pool are selected

In the Phyto Biopool Kits the plant species are selected on the basis of our experience in order to have an optimal combination of plants and colours to give your pond a magnificent appearance and to do an optimal phyto-purification work in the shortest possible time.

The plants in the kits are not standard, but are chosen according to the size of your pond, the depth levels of the pond, the typical temperatures of your location, sun exposure, water characteristics and finally also according to the planting period.

In the Phyto Biopool Kits you cannot choose the species of plants, but of course you will receive the plants with the species identification tag.

In this way, we will choose the size of the plants and the most suitable species for you, avoiding messing up in the pond.

With the Phyto Biopool Kits you have a 100% Plant Growth Guarantee (however, we cannot guarantee the growth if the pond does not receive at least half a day of direct sunlight per day, therefore in that case it will be your own experiment).

Additions and customisation of Phyto Biopool Kits

For planting the plants of the kit, we can also provide you with micro-perforated baskets suitable for each plant (which we will, of course, have to choose according to the shape and depth levels of the phyto-purification pool).

If you want to buy them by yourself, you can find them in the section baskets for aquatic plants.

If you have a different surface area from those proposed in the Phyto Biopool Kits, don’t worry, contact us and we can customise the quantity of plants according to the shape and surface area of the phyto-purification pool!

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