Marsh plants

Marsh plants (or marginal pond plants) are those aquatic plants that must be grown in the banks of the pond at a depth between the water surface and -20 cm (depending on the species).

Of course, the planting depth varies according to each species, and you can find all this information in the data sheets of each plant.

In addition to placing them in the pond for decorative purposes, marsh plants are essential for the phyto-purification process, as they are able to filter and purify the pond water in a natural way!

To learn more about growing these plants and why they are so important for a pond in balance, read the Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants and watch this free Video Course.

If you have a pond without marginal pond plants and you don’t know which ones to put in, you can also choose a Mix of marsh plants that we will select on the basis of photos and characteristics of your pond!

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