Lotus flowers

Lotus flowers are aquatic plants that emerge from the water and give an oriental look to your pond.

The vegetation of lotuses is extraordinary, in fact the leaves emerge from the water from 50 to 150 cm depending on their size. The flowers emerge even more than the leaves.

Lotus flowers are hardy (i.e. frost-resistant) plants. They can be grown in a pond or in a tub in the garden or on the terrace!

Lotuses require shallower water than water lilies and need full sun for at least 8 hours per day for good vegetation and flowering.

The blooming period for lotus flowers is roughly from June to September. The flowers remain open 3 days, but several flowers can open at the same time!

Lotus flowers must be planted in tubs without holes, not even at the bottom. Lotus rhizomes are very invasive, so if they come out of the basket they will invade your whole pond!

Lotus rhizomes are on sale from 1st March to the beginning of June, as at other times of the year the vegetation is not guaranteed.

Purchase at least any 3 plants among the Lotus Flowers and receive a discount of € 5.00 on each of them.

Here you can find dwarf, small, medium or large lotuses, to be chosen according to the size of the basket in which you will plant them!

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