Baskets for aquatic plants

On this page, you can find the baskets for aquatic plants for sale. Depending on the type of aquatic plant, either micro-perforated baskets or tubs without holes can be used.

Aquatic plants appreciate having a lot of space to expand and they require wide and low baskets.

Micro-perforated baskets are particularly suitable for marsh plants and water lilies because they allow greater contact between the roots and the pond water.

The phyto-purification of the water takes place via the roots of the plants, which release oxygen into the soil in contact with the roots, and promote the action of aerobic bacteria, thanks to which phyto-purification is possible.

These baskets have fairly small holes (1 x 3 mm), which allow the roots to come out of the holes and also absorb nutrients from the bottom, but they prevent the plants from invading the pond.

Marsh plants and water lilies are, therefore, more effective in terms of phyto-purification if they are grown in micro-perforated baskets.

Lotus flowers, on the other hand, must necessarily be grown in tubs without holes, not even at the bottom, because they are very invasive plants.

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