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Aquatic plants and turtles in the pond. Can they coexist?

aquatic plants and turtles in the pond

In this article we will discuss about aquatic plants and turtles in the pond. If you have Trachemys scripta turtles or other herbivorous turtles, they are not compatible with any aquatic plant species.

If you have a pond with turtles and you want to make the water clean, you will have to create a second pond of the same size as the first one (which the turtles cannot access), and add a pump that will continuously recirculate the water between the two ponds.

In the second pond you are going to put lots of aquatic plants such as water lilies, marsh plants and submerged plants, for example through one of our Easy Pond Kit.

Alternatively, you can divide the pond in two parts with a net, hoping that the turtles cannot get through to the plants side.

The 2 ponds solution is definitely the most effective one.

In addition to the pump, I recommend you also add a pressure filter because turtles, as well as geese and ducks, excessively foul the water, more than the plants can purify.

In this way, with lots of aquatic plants separated from the turtles and a pressure filter, you will be able to achieve a pond with acceptable water even in the presence of aquatic turtles.

You can find more detailed information on how to choose suitable plants and obtain a balanced pond in this free Video Course!


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