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We are an online aquatic plant nursery and we ship quickly and safely across the European Union!

Quick and free shipping above 100€ across the European Union.

Payments and plant shipments are made via secure systems and reliable couriers such as DPD and DHL.

Purchase your favourite plants by yourself on the website or contact us via WhatsApp or email.

We are the
balanced pond experts

We are not just an aquatic plant nursery, but also your 'personal assistant' for your pond, from the choice of plants such as water lilies, lotus flowers, marsh plants, floating plants and oxygenating plants, to the planting phase in your pond and assistance services in the following months should the need arise.

If you are looking for how to set up your pond and create a magnificent and perfectly balanced environment without spending unnecessary money on pumps and water filters, the first step is to watch this free Video Course and download the Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants.

This will provide you with the basic knowledge you need to set up your pond and grow aquatic plants easily!

How Aquatic Plants Nursery was born

Our nursery is located about ten kilometres in the north-west of Turin, Italy, in the countryside with woods and streams, between La Mandria Regional Park, with its numerous lakes, and Stura di Lanzo pre-park, rich in natural water resurgences, which form numerous ponds characterised by the presence of native aquatic and marsh plants.

A few tens of kilometres away there is also Lake Candia, a lake that is still very natural, with its marshland rich in native aquatic and marsh plants, including the White Water Lily Nymphaea Alba, Nuphar lutea and Nymphoides peltata.

Living in this environment, which in my opinion is magnificent, many years ago, the desire to reproduce this natural habitat also around my home was born, and so also my passion for aquatic plants!

Many years ago I had no information on how to grow plants, so I started to put 2-3 water lilies in the first pond, and a lotus flower.

Then I noticed that the water in the pond was never clear and a lot of algae formed.

So I found out that I had to create a better balance in the pond, and so I placed various oxygenating plants at the bottom and various marsh plants for phyto-purification in the banks of the pond.

Then step by step those few water lilies became 7-8 water lilies and 3-4 lotus flowers... and so on... as you can imagine.

So the ponds have increased, the plants have increased and from a passion, a business has also been born!

To date we operate exclusively online across the European Union, so we do not have a retail outlet.

Photos of our headquarters and various ponds

Our ponds have been built without an insulating liner, given the characteristic impermeability of our clay soil, and they are designed to grow aquatic plants such as water lilies, lotus flowers, marsh plants and oxygenating plants. In addition, an important area is dedicated exclusively to the reproduction of native plants.

Our headquarters is not open to the public and therefore cannot be visited. All purchases and consultations are carried out online!

When I started I did not have much information and I found a lot of confusion on the web, and to find the most suitable solutions for setting up ponds with aquatic plants I had to do a lot of experiments!

For someone approaching the world of aquatic plants for the first time, it is not easy to choose the most suitable depth levels for the pond, to choose the best aquatic plants, to choose the most suitable baskets, to choose the size of the baskets, etc.

Today, fortunately for you, I have written the Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants to give you guidance on how best to set up your pond from the beginning... avoiding unnecessary time wasting mistakes that I have already experienced!

Do you want an opinion on the plants to include in your pond?

Follow the instructions on this page

We can help you make your green dream come true

Easy Pond Kit

Do you have a new pond to set up and you don't know which and how many plants to include?

If you are new to the world of aquatic plants and ponds, choose your Easy Pond Kit and start with the easiest plants to grow!


Phyto Biopool Kit

Would you like to set up a natural pool with the most suitable aquatic plants for phyto-purification and with a pleasing end result?

Phyto Biopool Kits contain the three essential types of aquatic plants selected for you in the right quantities according to the surface area of the natural pool!


Pond Consultation

Do you have a very special pond and would you like to get an expert advice on the best arrangement of aquatic plants?

We can offer you a professional solution to optimise the aesthetics and the phyto-purification of your pond.


Assistance Service for 12 months

We are the only nursery that provides you assistance for 12 months free of charge on our plants!

This means that for any doubts you may have about the plants you purchase or about the pond in general, you can contact us via email or WhatsApp and you will receive an answer in no time!

100% Guaranteed Plant Growth

We are the only nursery that guarantees you 100% growth of the delivered plants!
Would you like to have a pond with a clean and algae-free water?

Find out how to set up your pond with the appropriate aquatic plants in order to create a magnificent and perfectly balanced environment

Access the Video Course and Download the "Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants" (For Free!)


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